With your help we can make a difference

Why volunteer?

You can feel proud in the knowledge that your participation will be helping us to develop new treatments for future generations. Your time and commitment is also recognised in the following ways:


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Financial Reimbursement

Your time is precious. We pay expenses and compensate you for your time with us. The amount varies depending on the duration of the study, the number of visits and the length of each visit you make.

When we invite you to join a study we will inform you of the payments specific to that trial.

Health Benefits

One of the main benefits of taking part is that you will be able to obtain expert medical care associated with the trial. As part of the screening process to enter any study you will receive a comprehensive medical check-up free of charge. Screening medicals can include procedures such as lung function blowing tests, ECG, allergy tests and general blood tests.

Our Facilities

During your visit to the MEU, you will have time to relax in our comfortable lounge and meet fellow volunteers in our friendly surroundings.

Amenities at the unit include; a wide screen TV, DVD player, free internet access, a fully stocked kitchen with complementary drinks and snacks and secure complimentary parking.

Who can take part?

For our early phase I trials we are seeking healthy volunteers aged 18 to 65 with no current medical conditions or regular prescribed medications.

For our later phase trials we require both males and females aged 18 to 75 that have a diagnosis of Asthma or COPD. (e.g. Bronchitis or Emphysema).

How do I enquire further?

Please use our simple online enquiry form or call our friendly Volunteer Services team on 0800 655 6553 to find out more.