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COPD- Medikidz

Have you ever struggled explaining your illness to the young people around you?Explaining a serious medical condition to children and young people is never easy and you worry about how to tell them without leaving them scared or confused.Enter “Medikidz”. Written by Doctors specifically for children to enable them to have a clear understanding of a vast range of diagnosed conditions. Click the link to view their COPD edition!


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Some information in the latest news regarding Nut Allergies

Salford Red Devils have announced a one-year advertising deal with MEU

David Rogers from MEU said: "We are looking forward to working in partnership with Salford Red Devils as they enter into an exciting new era. We share the same belief of working in and around the community and are striving to be at the top of our game in our respective fields." "We're excited by this new collaboration," said Salford Red Devils Commercial Manager Andrew Bentham.

MEU joins Facebook

The Medicines Evaluation Unit has now joined the Facebook. ‘Like’ our page and you’ll receive updates regarding up and coming trials